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Our interactive model highlights some of the potential challenges you may encounter every day across mining and construction projects. See how Minova can support you with our range of innovative solutions by clicking on the sectors below: HARD ROCK MINING ›COAL MINING ›CONSTRUCTION ›ENERGY ›

“Reading the Compass” Vol. 2

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MSHA and Mining Industry Developments in 2023: A Year in Review

As 2023 draws to a close, an assessment of Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and mining industry developments reveals key trends and potential future directions. Enforcement Intensification and Safety Alerts: In the past year, MSHA has escalated its enforcement efforts, emphasizing the Pattern of Violations (POV) authority and reinstating impact inspections. Despite these measures,…

ReElement Technologies Leading the Way in Battery Manufacturing and Rare Earth Elements for the Future


Original Article Source: Best Stocks ReElement Technologies LLC, a subsidiary of American Resources Corporation, has recently secured a significant $46 million in local incentives from the City of Marion, Indiana, on September 21, 2023. This funding is earmarked for the establishment of a groundbreaking facility that will transform the production of lithium, critical minerals, and…

Rare Earth Elements (REEs): Unveiling the Hidden Treasures of the Earth


Rare Earth Elements, often abbreviated as REEs, are a group of 17 chemical elements that have been at the forefront of scientific and industrial interest in recent years. Despite their name, these elements are not particularly rare in terms of their abundance in the Earth’s crust. However, they are called “rare” because they are typically…

Shubin Saha Paving the Way for Kentucky Fresh Harvest’s Growth

Makers Agency, Kentucky Fresh Harvest

Kentucky, known for bourbon, horses, and college sports, is emerging as a greenhouse vegetable production hub, with Kentucky Fresh Harvest at the forefront. The company launched its “Brilliant tomatoes” brand last year, marking a significant milestone in the state’s high-wire vegetable production industry. Shubin Saha, Head Grower and Chief Operating Officer, has been instrumental in this journey, leveraging his research background to drive success.

American Resources Corporation: Innovative technology to keep up with the demand for ‘White Gold’

PUBLISHED: FRI, 25 AUG 2023 14:40:10 GMTARECBrandcom Partner Lithium is the new oil. Due to its conductive and light characteristics, ‘white gold’ is a prominent material used to create rechargeable batteries in most electronic devices. With a changing world focused on ‘green’ and sustainable practices to remove fossil fuels, lithium is the desire of many…

We make Finite Resources Infinite


Our modern world is powered by a collection of critical mineral elements these include the Rare Earth elements and the battery metals that are used to power everything.

Drone Research and Development Park Continues to Put Eastern Kentucky On the Map


It has been a great collaboration so far! Good Luck in showing the world the endless potential of the @usadroneport. Great video and hope everyone at the @salondubourget #ParisAirShow sees it.  #ThinkKentucky #ThinkAerospace #WorldInnovations @USADronePort @KYAviation #NSSClient

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