We make Finite Resources Infinite

ReElement Technologies recovers rare earth elements and critical battery metal from recycled batteries, permanent magnets, black mass, and mined feedstocks. Please take a look at the short video: https://www.reelementtech.com/


Ultra-pure rare earth elements and critical battery metals refined and ready for remanufacture.

ReElement Technologies deploys the world’s first metal recovery technology that accepts both end-of-life products and virgin ores as feedstock and recovers their rare earth elements and critical battery metals at purities ready for remanufacture. Our recovery technology is versatile and capable of refining manufacturing waste, recycled permanent magnets, lithium-based batteries, black mass, and virgin ores.

Industry, infrastructure, national security, and advanced technologies can now be recycled, rebuilt, and maintained indefinitely with critical elements recovered by our process.

A Modular, Adaptable, & Deployable Platform

Partnering with manufacturers to reclaim control over their supply chains.

Our platform was designed and built with modularity and co-location in mind. ReElement works alongside magnet and battery manufacturers to evaluate their production needs and ship them our platform ready for on-site deployment to recover valuable manufacturing waste, recycled materials, or virgin ores.

Our low capex and small space requirements are made possible by leveraging the high-efficiency of chromatography to separate and refine critical elements.

Separation & Purification

Unmatched metal recovery efficiency and quality with near zero waste.

Chromatographic separation and purification are the heart of our critical metal recovery process which can separate and purify individual rare earth elements and critical battery metals at purities exceeding 99 percent.

Our solution not only recovers these elements at a fraction of the cost of current methods, but we are able to recycle and reprocess nearly all system inputs making ReElement the most environmentally sustainable recycling solution available.

Feedstock Agnostic Refining

Our process accepts all forms of Neodymium-based magnets and Lithium-based batteries.

Backed by proprietary software capable of quickly evaluating and determining input and output parameters, ReElement can safely and swiftly adapt to our partner’s feedstock type and refining needs.

While capable of refining all lithium-based battery chemistries, our battery division’s primary focus is on the growing Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LFP) battery markets.

Our rare earth division focuses on Neodymium-based permanent magnets which continue to dominate the global magnetics market.

Please take a look at the short video: https://www.reelementtech.com/