Shubin Saha Paving the Way for Kentucky Fresh Harvest’s Growth

Original Article Source: Greenhouse Grower

Kentucky, known for bourbon, horses, and college sports, is emerging as a greenhouse vegetable production hub, with Kentucky Fresh Harvest at the forefront. The company launched its “Brilliant tomatoes” brand last year, marking a significant milestone in the state’s high-wire vegetable production industry. Shubin Saha, Head Grower and Chief Operating Officer, has been instrumental in this journey, leveraging his research background to drive success.

Originally from Kentucky, Saha holds a degree in horticulture from the University of Kentucky. His passion for greenhouse research led him to Florida, where he pursued a Doctor of Plant Medicine program. This interdisciplinary study equipped him with the skills to overcome various challenges in crop growth. Saha’s return to the Midwest as a horticulture professor at Purdue University further enhanced his expertise.

Saha’s path eventually led him back to Kentucky, where he contributed to the launch of Kentucky Fresh Harvest. Initially, he provided advisory support, but his deep knowledge of greenhouse vegetables and local connections made him the ideal candidate to manage the day-to-day operations.

During this period, Saha also played a crucial role in advising on construction, emphasizing integrated pest management and fine-tuning design layouts to ensure top-quality crop production, considering Kentucky’s unique climatic conditions.

Kentucky Fresh Harvest’s culture prioritizes respect for knowledge and experience, fostering an environment where everyone collaborates to find the safest and most cost-effective solutions for plant growth.

As the company expands, Saha faces new challenges, including food safety. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration with experts to address emerging issues.

Saha works closely with the Chief Marketing Communications Officer, Trevor Terry, to align farm practices with consumer preferences, especially in variety selection. Collaboration with breeders to develop greenhouse-specific varieties is also essential.

To ensure Kentucky Fresh Harvest’s long-term success, Saha believes in fostering growth and cooperation within the industry. The company’s involvement in the state’s AgriTech Advisory Council has helped establish connections with agriculture specialists and fellow growers, aiming to strengthen the industry as a whole.

Saha also looks forward to innovative practices in horticulture and education in the state, supporting the development of talent in sustainable industries. The company’s expansion plans include research and development, grafted vegetable plants, new variety testing, and updated lighting technology.

Saha emphasizes that while Kentucky Fresh Harvest is cautious about adopting new products, they remain open to scientifically developed innovations that can enhance their operations.

In conclusion, Shubin Saha’s dedication and expertise, in collaboration with North Star Strategies, are driving Kentucky Fresh Harvest’s growth in the greenhouse vegetable production industry. The company’s commitment to collaboration and innovation positions it for a successful future in Kentucky’s agriculture landscape.