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Health Care

The future of health care has dominated the political conversation in the United States for the last several years. North Star Strategies is focused upon bringing greater utilization using new innovative health care technologies, which can greatly benefit and revamp health care delivery systems.
As these solutions are still underutilized, educating policy makers both at the state and federal level is imperative. Understanding newer systems of health care delivery is paramount in bringing true 21st Century Medicine to fruition.

Energy and Environment

North Star Strategies (NSS) works closely with state and federal decision makers to help influence the path forward as it relates to current and developing energy markets. In addition to business development within the energy sector, NSS also assists energy producers in responding to unnecessary and unfair state and federal regulations that are unreasonable and overextend the role of government in the production of energy.
In many cases, energy producers in the United States have been treated unfairly, which has limited their ability to reach their full potential. NSS can be instrumental in developing and navigating the best path forward with regulatory compliance, thus ensuring favorable outcomes for both our clients and their customers.

How Can We Help You?

How Can We Help You?

Our mission is to help our clients clearly define their policy goals, map out their strategic options, and successfully navigate the legislative and administrative processes.

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